Have you heard of steemlondon

Have you heard of steemlondon

Steem London will be rewarding all users who share stories pictures music all things from the London and the whole uk & set up meet ups for all steem users the #london tokens are now available at steem- engine you can buy these tokens to reward users who create content you like you can also buy some tokens send them over @steemlondon with link to post for a upvote on your post PicsArt_10-19-09.21.56.jpg
I already have a great idea for a great place where we can meet up in London it's a eat all you like buffet all kinds of food and it's only £10 I was thinking about the end of February 2020 I know it's a long way away but I think it's enough time to get enough people to come and join I'm thinking about one meet up a month after that at different places all steem users are welcome to attend if you are interested in attending please comment below this account was created by @kgakakillerg and yes I run

LONDON Tokens Steem-engine

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